Injured Birds

The following Global Bird Rescue manual – provides excellent advice on what to do if you find a bird on the ground beneath a window that appears to be stunned but not injured. In particular, page 9 under Trauma (see bullets below) list things to look for and if any of these signs of trauma are present, try to secure in a warm, safe environment (paper sack lined with a napkin works great). Transport to a licensed rehabber if possible, especially after giving the bird some recovery time (~ 90 minutes) and it still has not shown signs of recovery.

  • Head tilt
  • Head drooping
  • Droopy eyes
  • Inability to perch
  • No response to sound or visual movement
  • Not trying to escape (just sitting on a hand)
  • Bulging “frog” eye(s)
  • Facial asymmetry (sides of the face looking different from each other)
  • Heavy, noisy, clicking or open-beak breathing
  • Broken beak, wing or leg
  • Drooping wing
  • Entangled in spider webbing and loss debris such as human hair, thread or string
  • Bleeding

INJURED BIRDS should be taken to a rehabber IMMEDIATELY: 

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare
2811  SE 29th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
(405) 297-3100
Hours 9AM-5:30PM


Wildcare Foundation
7601 84th Street
Noble, OK 73068
(405) 872-9338
Hours 9AM-7:00PM