Based on peer-reviewed research, about 550 million birds die each year from flying into buildings and windows. Detailed monitoring efforts in parts of the downtown Oklahoma City business district since 2014 also revealed high mortality of migratory birds from collisions. The number of collisions are expected to rise as we are in the midst of a development explosion in OKC where the skyline is growing at a pace not seen in Oklahoma since the great depression and where many of the new buildings are being constructed with non-bird-friendly glass. 

Safe Passage Oklahoma City is a nonprofit organization. We are affiliated with the Oklahoma City Audubon club. 

We are currently closely monitoring the OKC downtown business district. Our top priority is to leverage the data we collect to prescribe feasible mitigation suggestions to the downtown building owners/managers. The low-hanging fruit is to dim non-essential lighting during the peak migratory windows and later work with city officials and building owners/managers to consider bird-friendly building design and/or feasible mitigation.